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*Influenced by the Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan, Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Leo Kottke, Jimi Hendrix, Cream/Eric Clapton, Jeff beck, Jimmy Page, the Animals, Davie Allen and the Arrows, Canned Heat, Merle Travis, Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Albert King, Slim Harpo, Bo Diddley, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mack, CCR, Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Don Williams, Jim Reeves, Robert Gordon, Link Wray, Daddy Cool, ZZ Top, Fabulous Thunderbirds (w Jimmie Vaughan), Bob Wills, Shuggie Otis, Harvey Mandel, John Mayall, Kraftwerk, Jethro Tull, SRC, Neil Young, Jimmie Driftwood and a ton of one-hit wonder bands/artists.

Still being influenced by musical artists today.

Agrees with the bumper sticker: "KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD." Not just Austin and not just Texas; the same old same old will and can kill any genre of music. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

*Became JACOB CLYDE, using his dad's first and middle names, giving him a more blues name.

*Jammie Award winner (for Best Local Blues CD)and recieved much notice as a songwriter and recording artist

*Explorer, innovator & artista

*Operates under a dichotomy of electric guitar oriented material on one front and dynamic acoustic material on another.

The venue has to specify:
Blues & Twang
Folk, Roots & Blues


I don't talk about this much and it all seems so far away but when I was in high school I really wanted to be an artist. Let me clarify- I wanted to paint weird pictures. I was GREATLY influence by the surrealists (mostly Dali, Max Ernst and Marcel DuChamp), Kandinsky, Max Eisher as well as the cowboy artists (Remington, etc.) but there was more to it for me. I was just as excited about the low brow stuff: hot rod and motorcycle art, trademarks and advertising from the twenties and the thirties, all the hippie psychedelic stuff and well as signs and design. I put two years of college in (Grand Valley, for fine art and writing, and Ferris State for commercial art). Now, even though I did do art work through the years I mostly dabbled, I experimented, did a lot of my own band posters (and photography) but none of what I produced lived up to the zeal I once had for the visual arts. What I am saying is- I did not apply myself. For some reason my de3sire to write, record and perform music was of much greater significance to me. In my early years it was often said that I was a "gifted artist" (paintings and drawings), but I do not believe it to be so. I could have followed that dream but music was my thing. I was mediocre but the fact that my stuff was weird really helped me here.

I still play around with pen, markers and paint (in fact I did some hot rod art on the day of this writing) and I have fun with it- but music is my red apple and my therapy. I only write this because at one time abstract and surrealist art was in the front seat; music was in the back seat. Time surprises.

When I lived in Texas art and music crossed paths; they intersected. This was when we screened T-shirts for Billy Gibbons. We did the Eliminator shirts and a bunch of other off the wall stuff that Billy wanted. Funny thing is- it was nephew Greg's artwork and screen work! I may be weirder and more off the wall but Greg, commercially, is 10 times the artist I will ever be.

Some of the art and photos in the photo gallery of this website are mine. Just for fun I put some of my art in the last few photos (from the blue mojo to the yellow mojo).

If you send me pictures of your artwork I just might post it.

Chapter One- Looking back and moving ahead:

I wrote, copyrighted, recorded and played my songs.

I ran all over God's green earth playing the songs.

I got a lot of airplay, even in Europe.

I got a lot of great reviews (even the critics were good to me)

I had absolutely no techie skills to promote anything/everything.

I've yet to learn how to master my smart phone.

I had fun.

I met a lot of great people; I encouraged, inspired and helped a lot of people.

I was slowed down by the local headhunters.

I lost my royalties (the new music business is just like the old music business).

I became a sideline music therapist with a 100% success rate.

A one time extremely shy country boy got out and did his thing!

I'm excited about what's gonna happen next.

I am most thankful.