Talking with friends about travel and the adventures of the road I decided to bring back a story I told you about a few years back. It was around Christmas time that I was down in east Texas, west of Beaumont and South of Vidor. I found myself on a back road in the bayou country near Port Arthur. It was getting late in the day and as I was driving south I saw something in the distance that at first looking like a lone skyscraper out in the middle of nowhere. I was charmed by this and figured I would drive to it and see just what it was. As I kept getting closer and closer I became more puzzled. Then when I got up to it I saw that it was a huge bridge that went over a great mass of water. There are probably a lot of these in the Gulf Coast areas around Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and so on but this was the first time I had ever seen anything like this. A word I use to describe this part of East Texas in mystical. What a mystical part of the country this is.

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