I feel compelled to tell you again about the time I couldn’t find Ponca City. I was driving on 35 and really wanted to see the flea market that everybody had talked about in Ponca City. I had been up almost all night but I assumed I was doing okay; I felt pretty good. I just kept right on driving even though I wasn’t pressed for time. When I got to the vicinity of Ponca City I couldn’t find it! I said to myself, “I know it’s right here. I always go by it here!” I drove quite a few more exits south and then I drove a few extra more exits north. I kept trying to find Ponca City. When I think back on it I believe I was actually in a state of exhaustion from not getting any sleep. I know from experience that you can actually get into a state of exhaustion without even knowing it. To put it simply- the body was made to sleep.

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