I want to tell you about a brief therapeutic trip I took to the Gulf Coast a few years back. It was at a time when I really needed some diversion therapy. In telling you this story I want to tell you that this trip was kind of like my favorite Twilight Zone episode about a guy on a train ride home and a town called Willoughby. In this episode the main character would always look out at a small friendly almost magical town called Willoughby (actually he would fall asleep on the train ride home from work everyday and would dream that he was looking out at this beautiful town). Now, in the Twilight Zone episode this guy actually gets off the train in this town, however Rod Serling made it clear that the passenger had actually died (when he went to Willoughby). Now, even though I didn't die I did get the chance to actually walk in the world of such towns as Vidor, Corsicana, Texas City and 7 Points. I did get to glance at Galveston and Houston but I wish I would have checked out Beaumont. Anyway, the trip really did a lot for me. It didn't take away all my loneliness and confusion from what was going on at the time but it did give me a good shot of diversion therapy.

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