Back about 2008 the Caravan broke down near Marietta, Oklahoma, just north of the Texas State line. A State Trooper stopped to assist and after about an hour of great conversation a wrecker came and pulled my van into Marietta. The trooper put me up in a motel and told me someone would come by and look at my van in the morning. When I woke up I unlocked the van, opened up the hood and went back to get a cup of coffee. A little bit later I heard a knock on the door and a young kid said, “Your van’s fixed! You’re good to go.” I thought, "Really?" I went back out to the van and fired it up. I offered the kid several times to pay for the repair but he would not accept any money from me. As he was getting into his truck he said, “Do you see this truck? The wrecker guy gave it to me.” He drove off and I started guessing that there was much more to the story. Looking back, I don’t ever remember paying a wrecker bill. Right after this I walked over to the local cafe and got a great breakfast of huevos, chorizo with a side of frijoles and tortillas. It was one of the best worst times I've ever had.

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